About us

Every day 113 American take their lives and an estimated 2,500 make an attempt according the the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We believe that taking care of yourself mentally is the baseline for success in all other aspects of your life. It allows resilience and flexibility in tough times and humbleness appreciation in the good times. Our goal is to prevent suicide.

How do our products support our mission? They encourage self care, the products are natural and organic keeping chemicals from entering your body and damaging cells. We believe that the little things you do every day to take care of yourself play such a huge role in your life. We've supplied a variety of products and provide resources to help wellness become or continue to be your lifestyle.

We cherish each interaction with our clients because the opportunity to educate is the key reason we exist. You add value to our existence and we hope to do the same to you.

As we are helping you, you are helping others. With every purchase you help us fight to end suicide by donating to the AFSP.org. There's nothing more warming than paying it forward!



Angrus writes

"I just want to express my appreciation for the excellent service of finding natural products and giving an honest answer of how safe these products are per the regular labeled products , I have known Nicole for the past 6 years .. it is becoming all too rare these days to find a business that goes to such great lengths to satisfy its customers, I hope your success will show others that old fashioned hard work and consideration for customers are values that are rewarded in our society"

 Lisa writes

"First of all, I had a question on my order and used the offline feature to contact the company and got a very quick response. I was a little confused when I got my order because I had ordered a Medium and received an Extra Small, however, the product fits perfectly, so I feel like they know their products and took the initiative to send what I needed not what I asked for. My package arrived (right on schedule) with a hand written thank you note and some lotion samples. That was such a surprise (no one writes hand written notes anymore) and gave me a nice feeling. I will DEFINITELY order from this company again the next time the need arises, what a great experience!"


Greetings researchers! Welcome, welcome and welcome to our site. We started off as a gift basket company called Baskets of Inspiration in 2007 and have grown into something greater. Our name change better reflects our mission which is to better serve the most important part of our business, you, our clients.

We welcome all feedback because we are here to serve you. Please don't hesitate to share your opinions and ideas with us.