Giovanni D:Tox Skin Care System

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Product Description

Add this to your nutritional detox regimen for enhanced benefits. Kit Includes 1.5 oz. each Purifying Facial Mask, Purifying Facial Scrub and Purifying Facial Moisturizer and Purifying Facial Cleanser 2 oz.

INGREDIENTS D:tox System® from Giovanni uses only the purest, most natural ingredients available to help purify your skin, smooth your face and detoxify to reveal your inner smoothness. Activated Charcoal is an amazing substance. Its use dates back to the early filters to remove impurities and odors and it is used to adsorb toxins from the skin. Like a magnet, activated charcoal dives deep into the pores to draw out toxins and impurities. Activated Charcoal is pure carbon specially processed to make it highly adsorbent (not absorbent) of particles and potentially toxic elements. It adsorbs (not absorbs) more poisons than any other known substance. It can do this because of its ability to attract other substances to the surface and hold them there. Activated Charcoal can adsorb thousands of times its own weight in harmful substances. Adsorption:Activated Charcoal has the ability to attract other substances to its surface and hold them there. Volcanic Ash is not only an excellent deep cleanser but also a mild skin exfoliant. It comes from Strombolian Volcanoes. Volcanic Ash is actually Sodium Bentonite. Due to its unique molecular structure Sodium Bentonite has a huge surface area. When hydrated, it develops a negative charge, effectively becoming a magnet for positively charged toxins and impurities. It can adsorb up to 40 times its weight in toxins. Super Antioxidants can help prevent damage to your body cells or repair damage that has been done. Antioxidants work by significantly slowing or preventing the oxidative - or damage from oxygen - process caused by substances called free radicals that can lead to cell dysfunction. With the body, the antioxidant process is similar to stopping an apple from browning. Once you cut an apple, it begins to brown, but if you dip it in orange juice, which contains vitamin C, it remains fresh and bright. Acai is a Super-Antioxidant that contains nearly 10 times as many antioxidant vitamins as grapes and twice as many as blueberries. Goji Berry is a Super Antioxidant with more antioxidant power than any other fruit, vegetable or food. It has been shown to have anti-aging properties. Green Tea is a well-known antioxidant. Although many people are aware of the health benefits associated with drinking green tea, not as many are aware of the properties it exhibits when used in topical skin care preparations and cosmetics for protecting collagen from being broken down. It is a superior anti-aging ingredient. Figs have the highest concentration of polyphenols among dried fruits. Compared with vitamins C and E, dried fruits have superior quality antioxidants and can enrich lipoproteins in plasma and protect them from subsequent oxidation. This makes figs a convenient and superior source of anti-aging potential. source: Giovanni Cosmetics